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Baichuan Paper is the first professional manufacturer of color parchment paper products in China. It is the only drafting unit of parchment national standard. In particular, the T-grade high-grade color parchment that produce by our company in 2006 to replace imported parchment paper fills the domestic market.

The parchment paper, also known as the industry parchment, full name of plant fiber parchment is plant fiber base through a series of modified processing generated with oil proof, waterproof properties of specialty paper. The appearance and properties and parchment similar and made from plant fibers.

Our Parchment add you value.

Color parchment paper mainly used in chemical fiber paper tube industry, is mainly used as the outer paper of the paper cores .its main role is wound outside the paper tube, the parchment anti oil and waterproof, not smooth hanging wire and other characteristics, in order to reduce the loss of raw silk to improve the rate of finished products, also because of its color rich and bright, chemical fiber factory also use color to distinguish silk specifications.

At present ,we can produce 21 colors ,which are white, brown ,grey, pink, peach pink ,salmon pink, wine red ,red ,orange yellow ,apple green ,pea green ,jade green ,grass green, dark green, purple, light purple ,sky blue, dark blue, dark brown ,black .

Quality standard of vegetable parchment paper:

Technical Item: Value:
Substance: 45-90 GSM
Material: 100% virgin wood pulp
Certificate: SGS & ISO
Color: 21 diff colors
Size: 65mm,116mm, custom-made
Feature: Good grease proof.

Good moisture proof with wet strength.

Good folding strength.

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