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Coreboard Paper

Baichuan is one of the largest manufacturer of coreboard paper and pressboard in China. Coreboard paper, paper core (annual productivity 150,000 tons); ransformer insulation press board &insulation components (annual productivity 10,000 tons)

High ply bond coreboard paper for making paper tubes.

All production of coreboard paper in Baichuan is based on recycled paper from collection companies. The long fibres provide a quality well suited for production of high performance coreboard, and Baichuan Paper offers grades from 150 to 800 J/m² ply bond (delamination strength).

Our paper is widely applied to high duty cores, textile bobbins, industrial tubes for paper making, steel, plastic films and slitted coils

  • To make high grade high speed POY, FDY, DTY, HOY paper core and high strength chemical fiber core.

  • To make seamless tube for coiling copper and plastic film.

  • To make industrial tube for plastic paper and glass fiber.

Quality standard of coreboard paper:

Technical Item: Value:
Grammage Tolerance: ±3.5%
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.02mm
Tightness Tolerance: ±0.02g/cm3
Core & End Face Tolerance: < 5mm
Roughness Tolerance: < 3mm
Grammage: 200-500 GSM
Ply Bond: 150-800 J/m²
Ring Crush: N.m/g
Moisture: 7±2%

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